So, my boss called me couple days ago, ask me about my job desk, my target, my dream, suddenly i realize something, I ve lost my passion for this job, except regular jobs, I did’nt do anything else, just chat with friend or doing breastpump activity.
As far as I remember, I once have a big passion with my job. Every morning I think about what I’m going to do to reach my target, I used to talk with my manager, told him about my plan and ask him to give me an authority to achieve my aim. He give me that authority, I envolve at some interfunction project, even being a team leader for some project.
But suddenly, that passion..fade away
Dont know exactly what really happen
I dont like this place anymore
The environment, the management
Suddenly this place just not fit me anymore

So at one night, I have a dream..
A dream that make me cry soon when I woke up,
I was there, looked soo happy with blushes cheeks and wide smile
Arslan at my side, laughing so loud
I’m at my lab at the campus, doing some research about geodinamic activity, some hazzard map and little theodolite miniature beside my laptop.
I looked at my self at that dream..soo happy
Until I woke up
Its just a dream
And I cry…

Not that I’m not being grateful with my life now, but I missed my original dream..my own dream..

I leave my dream, when its just one step closer, to follow him, my gonna be husband..because we promised to stay together no matter what, as a family.

I’m lucky..soo lucky

Some of my bestfriend should leave their job to following their husband, some of them even moved to some remote area.

Maybe someday, somehow…
I can pursue again my dream
While now I’m pursuit happiness as a family with my dear husband, and my precious son

Nothing impossible for God yes? 🙂


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